Monday, December 13, 2010

Wish List

During this time of holiday wish lists and expressions of gratitude, I'm delighted to be able to notch one off my list.  It looks as if we're finally getting a Trader Joe's close by, in the location of the Pier One Imports store on Washington Road.  Details are still being worked out but many of  us have long thought this a great fit (let's face it, Pier One isn't what it used to be).  We still need a Target store closer to Mt. Lebanon and while it probably won't be in the old Boscov's location in South Hills Village (Target generally seeks out strip malls, not enclosed, high-end malls), you would think the mod retailer from Minneapolis could find some space in that big-box heaven in and around Bethel Park.

Speaking of Boscov's...when will something fill that gargantuan mall space? will Nordstrom finally trek to the South Hills?  Not many anchor-type stores are branching out in this economy and while Saks Fifth Avenue may or may not re-up its lease downtown, it seems like Nordstrom is the better fit in these parts.

While I'm talking retail, I've long thought (as have many of us Lebo gals!) that what our Uptown shopping district needs is a great shoe store, a cross between Little's in Squirrel Hill and Pavement in Lawrenceville.  Read:  great selection, fashion-forward, reasonable price point.  Small clothing boutiques would likely follow and these stores would be on the path of everyone between downtown Pittsburgh and the far South Hills.  We have enough gallery, accessory and jewelry stores in Uptown and on Beverly Road already -- clothing and shoes will round out the offerings nicely.