Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mt. Lebanon Floral Is A Winter Wonderland Once Again

Just as day turns to night and the Steelers can be counted on to win whilst the Pirates lose, Mt. Lebanon Floral on Washington Road is once again a winter wonderland this holiday season.  No sooner has Thanksgiving passed that the store decorates a handful of trees with myriad ornaments and the puffiest of bows.  Step inside this magical space and if you don't feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, well, your name must be Scrooge.

The staff of Mt. Lebanon Floral is busy this holiday season, creating wreaths, bows and other specialty items for their loyal clientele.  Stop in and prepare to be enchanted by something special for your home.  If nothing catches your eye (!), a quick conversation should lead to the perfect bow or tree-topper.  Go!  Feel the magic.