Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Doorways in Mt. Lebanon

Maybe it was the light snowfall or the nip in the air...or perhaps it was the holiday cheer at long last latching on to him and refusing to let go.  Whatever the case, avid photographer and nine-year-old resident "SGL" set about finding the most beautiful holiday doorways of Mt. Lebanon on Friday afternoon.  The resulting slide show is on the blog's right sidebar and will remain there throughout the holiday season.

"I might add some more photos if I find stuff I like more," noted the junior shutterbug.  His mother (and co-scribe at this blog) couldn't be prouder of the boy's first public show.

(Note to Mt. Lebanon parents: if your son/daughter loves to write or take photographs, we welcome submissions!  We'd love to see and hear their take on the town.)