Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Arbor Day Every Day In Mt. Lebanon

Now that the leaves have fallen and our trees are ready to take a break for the winter, we had Arborel Tree Service come out to assess, and care for, our trees.  Arborel is a family-run business that has been active in the South Hills for years.  They employ certified arborists and have a wealth of knowlege about trees commonly seen in Mt. Lebanon.

Our two sprawling lilac bushes were cut way back, as they should be every 3-5 years.  A harness was placed on a tall maple in the back yard to protect it from wind storms (better late than never -- we lost two large branches during the freak afternoon wind storm in September) and our majestic oak was culled of dry/dead growth.

In the front yard, my favorite (and one-and-only) dogwood tree had to part with a couple of significant branches, one which was shattered during Snowmageddon and another that was rubbing against the tree's core branch, which would gradually deaden one or the other (we removed the smaller of the two branches).  Our hemlock was given better shape and a second harness was wrapped around our curbside birch (Snowmageddon at work yet again -- this tree's branches almost hit the ground under the weight of the heavy, wet snow).

Finally, we chose to do some work on the pear tree that belongs to Mt. Lebanon as it was wracked by fire blight and the municipality doesn't have the funds to address these trees (we were told to do it or lose it so we had the work done).  Fire blight is affecting many of the streetside apple and pear trees in our community and while there is no known "cure," pruning of affected areas this time of year is recommended and may forestall the spread of the disease.

Arborel was suggested by friends and neighbors shortly after we arrived in Mt. Lebanon and we couldn't be happier with the work they've done on our property over the last several years.  Whether you work with them or another tree company in Mt. Lebanon, this is the right time of year to get the job done.