Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dog Daze Of Summer

After having lived in Mt. Lebanon for only a week (we moved here from San Francisco three years ago), my then-five year old son said "Mom, it's so much EASIER living here!"  I knew exactly what he meant:  the walkable neighborhoods, friendly families and plentiful services and diversions were a boon to our city-weary family.  It seems that summer is the easiest of the seasons (my husband would beg to differ as he hates humidity) as the number of things to do is almost limitless.

On most mornings, my son trots off to playground camp, a cavalcade of activities that allows for imaginary play and the fantastical creations of young minds.  Warmer afternoons are spent at the oh-so-refreshing Mt. Lebanon Pool or if clouds loom, we head for a nearby tennis court to hit some balls (we don't pretend to have a "game").  The Mt. Lebanon Public Library is also a regular stop for summer reads that keep us busy at odd hours or on weekends away.  If we're in town, we follow most library visits with a stop at Uptown Coffee for sweets and a refreshing drink.

We're tickled pink that the Galleria Theater is still around, the better to catch summer matinees in an air-conditioned space.  Bowling at AMF Lanes on Washington Road is an even sweeter deal thanks to our "Kids Bowl Free" coupons, obtained at the start of summer at the AMF web site (and the two games per day really ARE free, even if bowling shoes have to be rented for a small fee).  Some days, we opt for a slice of pizza at the lanes but the truth is we head over to Bruster's on Library Road more often than not for a creamy cone (Key Lime Pie, oh my!).

And then there are the really simple pleasures, like sitting on the back deck for a late dinner and watching fireflies as they light up the night sky.  I love how a neighbor will often call and offer up a cold one at their backyard or mine and how easy it is to catch a group of folks chatting at the proverbial "stoop."  This last pleasure always brings back memories of my youth, tugging at my father's shirt as he talked to the "men" of the neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, solving the world's problems in one night.

It's a gift to be living in Mt. Lebanon, one that is not lost on me or my family.  Happy summer, everyone!