Monday, April 19, 2010

VOICE of Mt. Lebanon

For immediate release:

A group of Mt. Lebanon residents who support the existing high school project have formed a new group to provide accurate information regarding the project to the community—VOICE of Mt. Lebanon. VOICE is an acronym for vision, opportunity, investment, community and excellence; we see these as core values of the community that are directly relevant to the high school project.

VOICE of Mt. Lebanon has the following mission statement: We invite the community to join us in a conversation based on facts, not fear, regarding the Mt. Lebanon High School project. We are your neighbors—parents, seniors, empty-nesters, singles. We are your fellow taxpayers. We are committed to preserving the excellence that is Mt. Lebanon. Learn the facts about this project, and let your voice be heard.

VOICE of Mt. Lebanon is committed to getting the facts of the high school project out to the community, especially the following

The $113 million for the project is a ceiling for expenditures. The board is taking every step to lower the actual cost of the project, which realistically could come in well below $100 million

Taxes for borrowing the remaining $38 million (maximum) as bonds to fully fund the project would amount to $9/month for a $100,000 assessed home. The maximum total cost to taxpayers would be approximately $28/month on a $100,000 assessed home

Estimates for repairs alone for the current facility range from $89 to $103 million

There is no $75 million option to cover the cost of repairs—the cost of repairs alone exceeds this figure (see above)

Because of the scale of the project, the district will not be eligible for additional state reimbursement for high school renovation/construction for the next twenty years. The project cannot be staged as separate projects over the next 5-10 years without losing this reimbursement

Pursuing Silver LEED certification for the project will increase state reimbursement and lead to a substantial reduction in utility costs over the life of the school. Utility costs for 2006-7 for the high school were $974,121

VOICE of Mt. Lebanon will pursue many avenues to educate the community. For additional information, please contact Nancy Tashman at 412-343-1898, cell 412.651.7038 or