Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hockey Mom? Check!

Hockey coach Jane Broeren has seen a lot of excitable parents in the stands in her years at the Mt. Lebanon Ice Center.  "They'll yell at their kids, telling them to do more, play better," she says.  "If they only knew how much is involved in playing the game, especially for kids as beginners, they'd feel differently."

That's one of the reasons why Jane has teamed up with Dave Hornack, Assistant Manager of the Ice Center, to offer Women's Skills and Drills, a primer directed at hockey moms on what it takes to play the game.  Through a combination of skating, balance, stick handling and shooting drills, the pair is making it possible for these moms to learn the game from the inside out.  Most of the women who signed up for the first session, which began four weeks ago, have children at the Mite level, or less than three years of hockey experience.

"We're having a lot of  fun with it," says Dave.  "Even so, I've heard more than a few moms say 'I didn't realize this was that difficult!'  They have to master skating, stick handling -- and then they have to play the game.  Crosby may make it look easy but it's harder than it looks."

Easy or not, the moms are clamoring for a scrimmage, if only to test their newfound skills.  That said, it promises to be one the likes of which Dave has never seen.  "If someone falls, they help them up.  They'll say 'pardon me' and 'excuse me' on the ice.  I tell them that's not part of hockey!  You just take the puck and go."

A second session of Women's Skills and Drills will be offered in the Spring.  To sign up, visit the Mt. Lebanon Ice Center, call 412.561.4363 or visit the Center's web site here.