Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking a "Dent" Out of Winter

Last week, while driving to a rehearsal in the City, I landed my car into a pothole the size of Texas. Boy, the potholes are brutal these days! I didn't think too much of it until I parked and realized that my pothole adventure had put a fairly large dent into my front bumper. Bummer! Since it's a fairly new car I decided I would try to get it fixed. I took it to several shops including the dealership for estimates. Most of them told me that the whole bumper would need to be replaced to the tune of over $1000!!! I decided to call my sister who works for a different dealership in a different state. I asked her to ask one of their body repair guys for the real scoop on bumper dents. She got right back to me and told me that it should be fixable without getting a new one. She recommended looking in the phone book for a "dent doctor" type of listing. Lo and behold, there was ONE listing and it happens to be on Banksville Rd! The shop is called DoubleTake Automotive. They are across from the Kuhn's shopping center. I took my car in today and after about an hour's time, it was as good as new! And did I mention that the cost was just a little over $100???? That's $100 instead of $1000! These guys are fantastic and very, very nice. I'll be bringing in my Subaru to them next for a windshield replacement. Their estimate was well below the other estimates I've gotten for that too! (By now you all must think that I must be a pretty wild driver with all of thse repair needs! Actually, I'm a great driver, but this winter weather has been brutal on my cars!) What a great find! If you are in need of any type of car body work or detailing, these are the guys to call!

They are at 3030 Banksville Rd.

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