Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowmageddon in Mt. Lebanon, February 6, 2010

I wrote this haiku on Friday night and it almost came true:

swirling flakes of snow.../may they amount to something!/two feet? fine by me!

While we didn't get two feet of snow at our house, we did measure twenty inches in several backyard spots.  Saturday was a day filled with snow and neighborliness as everyone came outside to smile and chat (and yes, shovel) and see to it that everyone had the help they needed when it came to digging out.  May this spirit of community last well past the inevitable melt.

I've put up some pix in the right-hand column under "Snowmageddon."  Click on the pic to see the entire album.

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  1. Elaine:

    I hope your street is as friendly as ours. The fact that our neighbors all helped each other was nothing very remarkable. After our old muscles were pretty sore, we were very happy to see some boys who wanted to make a few bucks shoveling. They worked hard, and earned every penny. When I told Sarah that a couple of the boys were eating the snow, she reminded me that the snow has been so high that we have not had any dogs on the snow bank, and besides she said, "that's what boys have been doing long before we were told to be afraid of anything that isn't boiled". The storm created some inconvenience for everyone, but it also brought a lot of us together.


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