Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I came across the following poem much by chance today...it must have been fate...its relevancy resonates within me in such a powerful way. THIS is my hope and vision for our community. Here is what the author has to say about the poem: "This poem is about synergy and working together to build supportive communities/networks. Like this basket, people with a shared vision can accomplish great things by working together. This collaboration can take place on all sorts of levels and for many different things. This could be even more of an abstract idea of integrating different parts of ourselves to create a powerful dream."



Strands of wicker
A woven community
With threads of past success
Laced with future dreams

Alone we snap like twigs
When fate pushes and tugs
And bends us out of shape

Finding strength in each other
By both supporting
And being supported.
Shared lives
Shared visions.

Not dominating
Nor submitting
But cooperating

Building a beautiful vision.
Building a basket
Holding a world of dreams.
© Jan 2007 ~Ilana Cofield~

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