Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heart O'My Town: Mt. Lebanon Public Library

In a light-filled building, a series of cozy seating areas are filled with eager readers poring over an endless selection of newspapers and magazines.  What are they reading?  Everything from Yankee to Yoga Magazine, MacWorld to Martha Stewart Living, Model Railroader to Muslim Sunrise.  Yep, you're at the Mt. Lebanon Public Library.

Located along Castle Shannon Blvd. near the Uptown district, the municipal library is a haven for those seeking information but it's also a great place to see neighbors and friends.  There are comprehensive audio and video sections and shelves filled with everything from compact discs to large print.  A raft of public computers, close to forty of them, are available to users free of charge and for an unlimited period of time (except during those pesky busy periods) while a 1,500-piece crossword puzzle sashays across a large table, its bits and pieces begging for love.  Oh, the poster of actor Denzel Washington reading "Green Eggs and Ham" is a personal favorite.  And then there are the books, stacks and stacks of 'em waiting to be read.

I spend most of my time in the Children's Library since my visits here are usually with kids.  As in the main room, the librarians are terrific and I love how they display favorite selections for every season, holiday and local or global event.  Staff members always have an answer for the kids (and a smile to go along with it) and a suggestion for yet another great read.  A colorful seating area invites toddlers to daydream as Mom reads while older kids work diligently at one of the many computer screens.  Much as I love the kids' space, my favorite part of the library may be an exterior courtyard filled with tables and benches that morphs into a flower-filled sanctuary, replete with gurgling fountain, come springtime.

For me, a visit to the Mt. Lebanon Public Library always feels like a treat.  The place is filled with light and possibilities and I can't ask for much more.

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  1. My favorite spot is in the windowed area behind the magazine racks - I love to grab a newspaper or magazine and curl up on the sofa with the sun pouring in over me (if available!). The staff is always helpful. I've never been berated when paying my fines! The ease of requesting items from other libraries is amazing, as well.


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