Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Few More Of My Favorite Things...

A snowy walk through town this morning got me to thinking about a few more of my favorite things...

1.  The U.S. Post Office on Washington Road.  Is this place a gem or what?  Rarely a line and Cindy behind the counter is unfailingly gracious and even has lollipops for the kids.  I know this location is on the chopping block so here's hoping that the USPS never, ever takes it away.

2.  Stephanie Glover at Salon Vivace on Washington Road.  Steph drives in from Weirton, W. Va. several days a week to see her clients in Mt. Lebanon.  She is young, enthusiastic and very good at what she does.  I hope she and her beau choose to settle in Mt. Lebanon someday -- the commute will be easier and West Virginia's loss will be our gain!

3.  Mm Mm Pizza on Castle Shannon Blvd.  A cold, snowy night +  pizza delivery = bliss and the fellas at Mm Mm Pizza ALWAYS give you extra sauce if you order it.  That puts them at the top of my list forever.

4.  Perani's Hockey World on Cochran Road.  Carla Jeke, the store manager, can make a hockey stick on the fly and is knowledgeable about each and every piece of merchandise in this winter sports emporium.  She also remembers the name of your kid, his team and whether he shoots left or right.  With her one and only son playing hockey in upstate New York, it's no surprise that Carla's staff is made up of young pucks eager to please the mom in charge.

5.  The Mt. Lebanon Pool.  All this snow has got me daydreaming about summer and when I do that, I think about afternoons spent at the Mt. Lebanon Pool.  Granted, I wish the pool were heated, had a zero-entry and that the lifeguards would keep the locker rooms tidy but hey, we have a POOL in our community and that certainly wasn't the case where I grew up.  My son and his friends just love this pool.


  1. A funny pizza note: we all have our favorites, and we can debate those ad nauseum, but my family did try Beto's on Banksville last weekend. We had heard rave reviews and wanted to experience the cold toppings ourselves. But after a few slices there (it seems they only sell whole pizzas that are 36 cuts), we stopped at Mineo's for a couple of slices to cleanse our palates and remind us why we liked pizza so much. I confessed our adventure to the Mineo's fellows, and their reply was, "Stick to Mt. Lebanon!"

  2. If anyone wants to add some of their "favorite things" to Wikimapia Mt. Lebanon, it would be great.

    The Mt. Lebo part of the map is lagging behind some others and we could use some help...

  3. (Off topic ?) One of the PG's favorite things is Chatham Baroque - nice review today! Kudos to Kristen Linfante and the ensemble!

    Geoff Hurd

  4. Thanks so much Geoff! Much fun was had by all! As I told my colleagues/friends in Chatham Baroque - last week's concerts reminded me why I became a musician.


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