Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do We Need A Hail Mary?

I took a walk this morning from our house at the southern end of town along the eastern side of Washington Road to the Uptown District and found the sidewalks largely shoveled.  As luck would have it, the ones that were not shoveled seemed to be in front of the houses with the most frontage on Washington Road.  (Thanks to Dr. Tim Steinhauer for pointing out that a lot of our sidewalks now look like goat paths!  Funny, and true.)

On the way back, I took the western side of Washington Road and was stopped cold in front of St. Paul's Episcopal Church because a large swath of their sidewalk was COMPLETELY UNSHOVELED.  Not the part in front of the church, mind you, but the long stretch in front of what I gather is the rectory and clearly on church grounds.  I clambered along a three-foot-tall snow cliff and a bit further down, a stretch of path in front of the First Church of Christ, Scientist was unshoveled, heavily trampled and equally treacherous.

Seems to me that if the churches had put out the call for shoveling help to their congregations, a lot of folks would have offered assistance.  What gives?  I'll say a Hail Mary while somebody calls the churches.

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