Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Farmer's Markets

My friend (and fellow Lebo resident) Lisa Auel tipped me off to Hills and Heights, a community blog in Richmond, Virginia, and what caught my eye most was a post on Winter Farmer's Markets.  Are there any such markets in these parts?  If not, is Mt. Lebanon a candidate for one?  What say you, Commercial Districts Manager Eric Milliron?

Goodness knows I'm sad to see our Lebo farmer's markets close up every October and would love to have a winter market -- but then I do love root vegetables and the delicious stews and soups you can make with them.  If Lebo was the go-to place for fresh winter shopping, maybe we'd be onto something.

Back to Hills and Heights, ya gotta love that blog -- they even post about lost dogs, along with pup pics!  Now THAT'S a community service.


  1. I'd also love a cold-season farmers' market. I'd bet lots of people would. My guess, though, is that sales wane enough in the cold months to make a trip to market not worthwhile for most farmers. Still, it would be great.

    Fortunately, you can get some market goods without the farmers' market. Eden's Market on Washington Road carries dairy, meat, and eggs from local farmers, including some regulars at our uptown market in summer. (I get eggs, milk, cheese, and locally raised beef, and it's good.) And they carry it year round.


  2. the description of the hills and heights blog sounds like the one my neighborhood had in east nashville, tn. we always posted lost and found animals, handy-person tips (our experiences, both positive and negative), and valuable information about real occurrences that residents might want to know about. these included real break-ins and property theft, and never simply suspicions about folks someone didn't know...

  3. Hilary, that kind of neighbor dirt is already available here:

  4. How'd we get from Farmer's Markets to the police blotter in four short posts? Not that I'm giving anyone the Sixth Degree or anything... ;-).

  5. Check out for practically year-round local produce etc....

  6. Thanks Tom for the tip about Eden's market! I spent the holidays on my brother-in-law's farm and got very used to the farm fresh eggs and chicken. I've been wondering where I can find these locally but had consigned myself to waiting for the farmer's market to return.

  7. My neighbor, Dave Eson, runs a local foods subscription service, as well as selling a la carte items. If you're familiar with some of the CSA programs in the neighborhood (Dillner's, Kretschmann's) it's similar except that it's year round, by season, and not limited to fruits/vegetables. He distributes produce, dairy, meat, and pantry goods from a variety of local producers.

    His website is He runs a number of pickup locations around town, including his home on Clokey Ave. If you're looking for a good lead on a local winter produce subscription, Dave's site is it.

  8. Elaine, thank you for the suggestion of a winter market; however, I would also suggest that we support Eden's Market for this void. Perhaps once the Uptown Market strengthens we can explore how to sustain it through the non-growing season. Currently, it is a PASA market + we do not allow produce that is not grown locally. Cheers, Eric


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