Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where Are We, Geographically Speaking?

Thinking about homes and neighborhoods got me back to one of my favorite questions:  where exactly are we, geographically-speaking?  One of my favorite sites,, places Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania squarely in the Northeast, tho we're less than three hours from Cleveland and Columbus, which are considered icons of the Midwest.  Or should the fact that we're no more than four hours from Baltimore or Washington, D.C. (and live in a state that borders the Atlantic) bestow a Mid-Atlantic designation?

I'd be interested in hearing from those who've lived here longer than me as to how they perceive Mt. Lebanon from a geographic perspective.


  1. Speaking as a "yinzer," I always figured us more Mid-Atlantic. Why should we be separated from the rest of the state? Our weather is not Northeast. And I'll never figure out why Ohio is suddenly the Midwest - they just stuck with Michigan and Indiana, I suppose. But aren't Pittsburgh's quirks part of its charm?

  2. People from the south see us as northerners. People from New England see us as southerners. People from the east see us as midwestern. People from the west see us as eastern coasters.

    From that I conclude we are in exactly the right spot.


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