Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's Your Home's Walk Score?

An article in today's New York Times touts walkability as the fourth factor in determining home value (the first three being "a well-kept neighborhood with good schools and a low crime rate").  This isn't exactly a new concept:  Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Thomas Hylton has long touted neighborhoods like Mt. Lebanon for their walkability and spoke on this very topic in Mt. Lebanon last fall.

The article points you to a site called Walk Score that lists the 40 most walkable neighborhoods in America and also allows you to plug in your street address to determine your own walk score.  My score of 63 would place me with the top fifteen neighborhoods in the U.S.  (whew!) while others in Mt. Lebanon fare better or worse.  It may not be as addictive as but it's close!

There's a reason we listed "walking" and "sidewalks" at the top of the page -- they matter!

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