Thursday, January 7, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Okay, if the title of this blog post means you will NOT be able to get that song out of your head tonight, well, apologies in advance.  That said, I often pause to think about my favorite things in Mt. Lebanon (and Pittsburgh, too) and driving around town on this snowy morning got me to thinking about a great many of them.  In no particular order, here goes!

1.  Mt. Lebanon Floral on Washington Road.  Who can resist pressing their nose up against the window to gaze upon the many shimmery things?  Certainly not me.  Even better, their shatter-proof Christmas tree ornaments are now half off (fifty cents each!) and it was a passel of these ornaments on the lower branches of our tree that kept our cats from wreaking havoc.

2.  More Than Words on Washington Road.  Have you seen their latest window display?  Candy-apple-red jesters prancing about and making this lovely fine paper goods store even more beautiful.  Barb is also selling her holiday schwag at 50-75% off.

3.  Anne Gregory for the Bride on Washington Road.  I simply ooh and aah every morning when I run by this store, since the dresses on display would make any bride (including this one) want to renew her vows STAT -- and get a new dress for the occasion.  The strapless bridal gown presently in the window is embroidered with the sweetest flowers and makes me pine for springtime.

4.  The wine bar at Il Pizzaiolo on Washington Road.  Do I spend too much time Uptown?  Maybe, but the wine bar behind the main dining room at Il Pizz is a cocoon made for winter.  From the well-worn leather couch facing the fireplace to the backlit blue bar, this room is as suited for romantic couples as it is for a gaggle o'pals.  The adjacent outdoor patio is covered in snow right now but will be welcoming diners in a few short months.

5.  A walk in Bird Park any time of year.  Arguably my fave among our many parks and parklets.

6.  The fall father/son campout at Bird Park.  Seeing as how I'm neither a father or a son, I've never attended this event but my husband and son return from it every year filled with stories.  Kudos to the Rec Department for doing such a great job on this one.

7.  Impromptu sledding hills all over town.  My family is especially fond of the double-dip hill right outside the ice rink and while we've eyed the hill on the median between Woodhaven and Longuevue Roads, we have yet to sled it.

8.  Dave Hornack and Gwen Rosen at the Mt. Lebanon Ice Center.  Dave runs the hockey programs at the rink and I love how he takes the time to learn the name of every little kid in class and what they do/don't do best.  Gwen has taught countless kids how to skate and her friendly-but-firm approach helps keep our kids safe -- and she sports the best sweaters in town!

9.  Ri Van Tran Tailor Shop on Alfred Street.  I love how these folks can tailor absolutely anything and didn't laugh at me when I asked them to stitch a dime-sized hole on the wool strap that goes across my favorite winter boots.

10.  The pig roast at Atria's on Beverly Road in the good ol' summertime.  Yes, I know it's still many months away but the thought of those succulent chunks of pork enjoyed on the breezy outdoor patio is keeping me warm as I type this.

What are your favorite things in Mt. Lebanon?


  1. Finders Keepers on Cochran. The best finds for the best price plus Susan, the charming and ever so helpful owner, who even figures out and Helps You load that fabulous vintage armoire into the back of your car. Also let us not forget Iovino's Cafe on Beverly...WOW!

  2. Empire Music is another favorite of mine...great guys, great services, great products...

  3. What a great list! I would add Saturday morning rec soccer games on any Lebo field, having our own municipal golf course, especially sledding, and a really cool pool! And walking anywhere!

  4. I have to add the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church Food Festival!


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