Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shed a Little Light???

Shed a Little Light???

There is so much to love about Mt. Lebanon and Pittsburgh in general...and that means a lot coming from a woman who never dreamed she would ever leave New York City!

I do have a question for some of the people who have lived here longer, or are just "in the know". What's the deal with the pollution stats for Pittsburgh? We currently are #1 in the country for the worst short-term particle pollution - even worse than LA. Does this apply to Mt. Lebanon as well? I have googled this question so many times and have not found an answer. The fact that Mt. Lebanon residents can use "Pittsburgh" for mailing address purposes makes it all the more confusing....


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  1. Kristen, I wrote a piece for Pop City about air quality in the Pittsburgh region and while it doesn't address Mt. Lebanon in particular, I did check the air quality figures around Foster Elementary and they were less favorable than I would have liked. It's a known fact that if winds from the Mon Valley area are blowing in our direction, we will see elevated levels of short-term particulate matter here.

    Don Hopey writes about these matters frequently at the P-G. If I'm not mistaken, he is a former Mt. Lebanon resident now living in Dormont. Perhaps someone can pose the question to him?


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