Saturday, January 2, 2010

Play Nice

Comments are welcome at Real Lebo so long as you play nice -- snark will have to live elsewhere.  Who'll be the judge of what's snarky and what's nice?  Kristen and me.  It's our play space so we make the call.

I ran a listserv for a women's org in San Francisco that grew to over 3,000 members and over the course of several years, we only had to kick one person off the list -- a guy!  Running the list involved moderating posts as well as deciding when a thread had gone on too long and no longer served the community.  We also had a three-strikes rule -- if you were warned about tone three times, you were off the list.

I'm just sayin'... 


  1. Kristen and Elaine,

    If you are going to censor comments for "not playing nice" – a pretty open-ended criterion – please let the people you have censored know what they wrote that crossed your that's-not-nice threshold. Most people do want to play by the rules, but it's hard to do that if you keep the rules hidden.

    I ask this because I suspect that you have censored my response to your and Kristen's questions in the conversation about High School Renovation Takes A Big Step Forward". (Comments posted after mine have appeared on the Blog, but not mine.) If so, I don't think any reasonable person would think my response wasn't "playing nice." Both you and Kristen asked questions of me in your comments, and I posted my response, in good faith, as part of that conversation.

    Even so, if you can tell me what about my post wasn't sufficiently nice, I will be happy to resubmit it with enhanced niceness. :-)

    It's great that you have started a blog. Mt. Lebanon needs more voices, more honest conversations. But if you start censoring people because they don't agree with you, ...

    Please, if you censored my comment, please re-read it and consider whether you over-reacted.


  2. Tom, some of the comments I've already moderated out of Real Lebo would make a sailor blush. Blogging in Mt. Lebanon needn't be a contact sport, and it won't be on this blog. 'nuff said.

  3. Congrats on getting the new blog up and running! Out with the old, in with the new; and let's keep it a nice place to play.


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