Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pizzas for Baseball!

About a week after we moved here in the summer of 2007, a fellow knocked at our door and asked us if we wanted to buy a book of coupons to support the school's Blue Devil Club.  We weren't sure what the Blue Devil Club was, or did, at the time but wanting to be neighborly, we said sure and paid the man $24.95.  In return, we received a little booklet with 25 or so coupons to assorted local pizzerias and each coupon entitled us to 50% off a large pizza.  In short order, we acquainted ourselves with Little Nippers on Beverly Road, Nick's Pizza on Mt. Lebanon Blvd. and our soon-to-be-favorite, Mm! Mm! Pizza on Castle Shannon Blvd.  I think the booklet paid for itself after the fifth pizza and it made for a very easy dinner option some nights.

We bought the pizza booklet again in 2008 and the 2009 edition is about to be printed (better late than never, since it's already 2010!).  This year, the booklet will benefit the Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association, one of our town's hardest-working groups.  Check out their web site and if they don't call you first, definitely contact them for a copy of the pizza booklet.  It's a delicious delivery for a great group of kids.

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