Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let the Truth Be Heard Loud and Clear

I was so happy to see the that Ed Kubit took the time to write the FAQ pertaining to the high school renovation. While one person attempted to throw the town into a confused frenzy, the leadership had the sense to calm the masses with the truth. It is unfortunate that misinformation has been put out there, and that people have clearly been misinformed and terrified by Mr. Fraasch's message. I am confident that the truth told by Mr. Kubit in the FAQ will serve to calm those who were sucked into the doomsday-like hysteria. It's a shame that it played out the way it did, but I am glad that the rest of the board has stepped up to the plate to not only keep this project on track, but to reassure a panicked community.

If you have not had a chance to read the FAQ, I encourage you to do so. Once you have, you can draw your own conclusions - but I suspect you will feel great relief.

Here is the link.



  1. If you think that Mr. Fraasch is all wet, please take a look at this re-post of a comment that he made on his blog in May 2009. Pretty fascinating stuff:

  2. Thanks for your post. I have trust in the school district and Mr. Kubit (who happened to be Mr. Fraasch's running mate, no?) Mr. Fraasch has not even been successful in swaying his own running mate. That's very telling to me. I really don't have issues with Mr. Fraasch (His kids have been to my house for play dates, and mine to theirs), but I do think his take is inaccurate, and I do feel that he was acting outside of the principles of the board. Team players are important.

  3. I fully accept the fact that Mr. Fraasch's projections may be high, but until the Board gives us something else to work with his numbers are all that most of us have to go on. In his recent letter, Mr. Kubit rejected the notion that my taxes will increase by 14% this year and 50% over the next few years. That sounds great, but what if they go up 13% and 45%? Yuck!

    And what programs do we cut or not improve to keep the tax increases below 14 and 50%? The current budget has ZERO new money for programs, yet it still projects a 14% increase in taxes. Can we expect a similar programming flatline for the next several years in order to keep the numbers below Fraasch's projections? I'm not a professional edcuator so I don't know how or if that flatline impacts the quality of our education. But, with all due respect, those are the questions that no one on the "team" wants to answer.

  4. I'm not a professional educator, either, but when the President of Mt. Lebanon's teachers association tells me he has complete confidence in Dr. Tim Steinhauer, I believe him and trust that our educational program is in good shape. See my chat with him here.


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