Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Post A Comment At Real Lebo

Kristen and I are heartened to see the growth of our blog and delighted to hear from friends and neighbors (and folks we don't even know!) how they love checking in at Real Lebo to hear more about our community.  Something else we've heard with great frequency is "how can I post a comment on your blog?"  No shame in asking -- a lot of people are new to the blogosphere and we're happy to facilitate your connectedness.  I'll try to describe posting a comment in five easy pieces.

1.  Click on the link at the bottom of the post on which you'd like to comment that says "0 Comments" or "2 Comments," etc.  Scroll down to the bottom of post where it says "post a comment" and you'll see a box below that where you can insert the text of your comments.  Type away!

2.  Once you've completed your comment, access the scroll-down menu next to where it says "Comment as" (you can do this by clicking on the triangle) and click "Name/URL."  This is the easiest interface.  Type in your name (a URL is not necessary) and click the "Continue" box.

3.  Click the box that says "Post Comment."  If you'd like, you can click the "Preview" box first and review the text of your comments.  You may choose to close that box and go back to your original typed comments to make a small edit, or if it's good to go, simply close the Preview box and click Post Comment.

4.  Your comment will appear at Real Lebo once Kristen or I receives it for moderation.

5.  Ha!  It only took four steps.

Thanks again for your interest in Real Lebo.  We're honored to be creating community in the place we love.


  1. Do people really not know how to post a comment?

  2. Yes, some people have said just that. Blogging is new to them so we're trying to make it as user-friendly as possible. No harm in asking for a few pointers!

  3. Are there any restrictions on what can/can't be used as a name?

  4. I gave "Towel Warmers" a pass in that some people use screen names, tho we request real names. Same goes for you, "Silly Question."


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