Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heart O'My Town: Nancy McKenna

We'd like to start an occasional series called "Heart O'My Town" wherein we shine a spotlight on someone who makes Mt. Lebanon special.  First tip o'the cap goes to Nancy McKenna of Howard Hanna Real Estate in Mt. Lebanon, the amazing realtor who helped us find our house.

When we started our long-distance house search in 2006, a friend of a friend referred us to a colleague of Nancy's, who found herself pretty busy and consequently referred us to Nancy.  Talk about a gift!  Nancy and I emailed steadily throughout the summer and fall of 2006 and fell into a sympathetic rhythm:  I'd scour local listings in Mt. Lebanon and surrounding communities and email Nancy with questions about each.  She'd patiently answer them and ask even more questions, working to hone in on exactly what we were looking for.  A visit to the Pittsburgh area in fall 2006 allowed us not only to see a number of houses ("kickin' the tires," said the husband) but to cement the fact that we wanted to make this place our home.

We returned in the spring of 2007 to buy a house and came with a list of thirty or so listings we wanted to see in Mt. Lebanon and Upper St. Clair.  Nancy mapped it all out so we'd maximize our time between neighborhoods and communities.  It wasn't long before we knew Lebo would be our home and within a couple of days, decided to bid on a house.  Suddenly finding ourselves in a bidding war on a house that hadn't had a taker in months, we decided to punt and needed to come up with a new list of houses to consider -- with only one day left on our visit!  Nancy and I pored over our "B" listings well into the night and found about ten to look at the next day.  The stars aligned to bring us into a house that we initially thought would be too dark and too dated but, in reality, had charms beyond what could have imagined.  We put the first bid in on our future home hours before our plane departed and finalized the deal a couple days later.

A Mt. Lebanon native, Nancy continually amazed us with her knowledge, and love, of her town and her willingness to work tirelessly on our behalf.  I think of Nancy most mornings when I run by her office on Washington Road and the thought of her cheerful presence always makes me smile.  She is truly the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. thanks for this feedback ...I am very proud to claim nancy as one of my sisters. while I live in Philly I continously hear rave reviews of Nancy's outstanding skills and abilities as a realtor in PGH and always recommend her when meeting someone in need of real-estate help!! Very proud of you Nancy.

  2. Elaine,
    Thank you for the wonderful endorsement and kind words about Nancy, Mt. Lebo's greatest realtor in my opinion and number one in my heart.


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