Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heart 'O My Town: Larry Hensler

Mt. Lebanon isn't just about lovely homes on tree-lined streets. It's about community. In my mind, no place really feels like "home" unless one has that sense of community. One person who really adds that piece to my life is Larry Hensler, our fantastic crossing guard who graces the corner of Vermont and Hoodridge every school day. I remember the first day of school when we first moved here. Larry's cheerful and friendly demeanor put us all at ease. We have since become good friends, exchanging family stories and local news during the daily trek to and from school. Larry is one of those people who knows every parent and child's name, and looks out for all of us. I have no worries about my child's safety as long as Larry is around. Furthermore, he's even been known to shovel snow out of the driveway near his post - just because he's a nice guy. Every town needs more people like Larry! When he heard that my son had taken an interest in golf (one of Larry's favorite pasttimes) he brought us buckets of golf balls so that my son could practice at home! Larry is also a volunteer firefighter in Castle Shannon where he lives. He is truly a man who serves his community! His kindness is infectious and I often try to show my appreciation to him with a batch of homemade cookies or brownies. We should all take a cue from Larry. Let's all pay it forward! Thanks Larry!

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  1. I agree totally. Larry is a really good person. He watches everything that goes on on that corner and keeps us all safe. We're all very lucky to have him watching out for us.


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