Sunday, January 3, 2010

Handyman Wanted (Duh)

I'm sure the question I'm asked most often in Mt. Lebanon is "do you have a good handyman?"  Well, I used to have a very good handyman but he died suddenly about three months after we met him and availed ourselves of his services.  I'm sure he was the best handyman we've ever had and I still think of him (and his widow) every time I drive by their tidy Lebo street.

So we, like so many others here, are still in search of a good handyman.  What makes a good handyman for me?  Consideration:  show up when you say you'll show up.  Craftsmanship:  your work needs to hold up.  Creativity:  bring your good ideas to our project and let's merge them for the best possible outcome.

If anyone has a good recommendation, I'm sure it will be appreciated by many!  Double points if your rec is a Lebo resident.  And thanks to Hilary Chiz for suggesting this valuable topic.


  1. Good handymen are indeed hard to find. If you need a lot of work, it's probably worthwhile to subscribe to something like Angie's List to narrow the search. It's not an inexpensive service, but the cost buys you a lot of candid reviews and ratings of local handymen and related services, which now includes doctors.

    My wife and I found a good mason this way, and the experience was much better than using the Yellow Pages. The contractors and handymen listed on Angie's List know that they will be rated on things like customer service, so they tend to be better about returning calls and showing up on time, too.

    Don't just trust the ratings, however. Read the reviews carefully, and do some additional homework to make sure you're going to get the right person for your work.


  2. I agree - Angie's List is excellent. We have used it to find people to do all sorts of things.

    And, indeed, there is an art to using the recommendations. My experience is that you should explore several of the providers with good ratings. All may have excellent reputations but there are always potential differences in costs and availability.

    Geoff Hurd

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  4. Tina Saucier here. For anyone who doesn't know me. I am a Mt. Lebanon resident and a hairdresser at Serendipity Salon and Spa on Mt. Lebanon Blvd.

    Follows is an email I received from a client/friend around Thanksgiving. I know these people well and can vouch for the good words Carolyn speaks of her husband...

    "My Dear Friends,

    I wanted you to know that Rob lost his job recently and is interested in doing handyman work. He actually has talked about doing this for some time now so this seemed like a good time to start. If you or anyone you know needs a handyman, I hope you'll think of Rob. The things he can do (but not limited to) are as follows:

    Trim work, base boards and moldings
    Miscellaneous repairs

    You can call Rob @ 412-292-2376 and he'll look at what you need done and give you an estimate. He's very reasonable and his workmanship is excellent. He's definitely someone you can trust and anyone could leave him in their house if they're working. In our home, he's replaced and has added various moldings, put in doors, painted, installed hardwood floors, refinished the stair treads and reworked the staircase railings, redid our laundry room, gutted our bedroom and master bath and remodeled them as well as other miscellaneous things so if you want to see his work, our house is his resume. Just call him with any questions or to set up an appointment.

    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays. Take care.


    Carolyn has also said that no job is too small!

  5. I want to recommend my handyman Tom Gordon. I think of him as a real craftsman ,artisan. A masonry specialist by trade Tom can do anything from plumbing to carpentry. Currently Tom has been laid off from his full time construction job and has a sick daughter. He is able, willing and ready to tackle any kind of home repair. Tom has painted most of my house, installed a door, along with refurbishing our radiator covers and installing a ceiling fan and a ceiling light. Trustworthy and efficient not to mention very tidy.
    He can be reached at (412) 551-5058. His rate is negotiable.


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