Friday, January 8, 2010

Gotta Love the Lebo Fire Dept.

I received an email today from a friend about a service the the Mt. Lebanon Fire Dept provides to all residents. They will come to your home and do a safety inspection, check chimney safety, etc. Here's a quote from my friend's email, "The representative from the department spent about 45 minutes at our home. Not only looked at the fireplace to ensure safety, but also checked all the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. He also suggested prime placement for the carbon monoxide detectors, which we had one in an area that might not have been of best use.One of our fire alarms was too old and he replaced that for us on site. I didn’t know, but even if your alarm beeps during testing, it still could be expired. A carbon monoxide detector is good for 7 years and the fire alarms are 10 years (pending when you bought them.)He talked with the kids about safety issues. Asked them some questions about where the safe meeting place was and such. I would highly suggest for any of you that haven’t taken the department up on this wonderful service that you try it. Especially if you have any concerns about your fireplace, they did a great job of investigating any severe problems."

Here's a full list of services that they provide to residents:
· Senior Smoke Detector Installation Program
· Senior Fire Life Safety Program
· Block Parties
· Home Safety Inspection Program
· Chimney Inspection Program
· Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention
· Lifeline Installation
· Citizens Fire Academy
· Community Events
· Safety Fairs

Thanks a million to our Lebo Firefighting Heroes!


  1. BTW they can be reached by calling the non-emergency number:
    Nonemergency Number 412.343.3402
    Fire Department Website

  2. They are awesome. We took our son to see the fire engines over the summer and they couldn't have been sweeter. Great idea to do that service especially since I am a carbon monoxide paranoid mom. I have been know to travel with those detectors since having my son. Great post. I'm calling on Monday.

  3. We had a faulty smoke alarm, so I called to ask advice on the best one to purchase (I had already tried a few). They offered to come over and look at it, showed up two hours later, and replaced it for me. I was amazed.

  4. Thanks Kristen for posting the email.
    I also found out, after sending the email, that if you have a child with a disability that they have a form that you can fill out to add to their internal database. Our daughter has a hearing impairment and a sensory issue to some of the loud sounds she hears. My greatest fear, no matter how many times we talk to her, is that once the alarm would go off she would panic and go in her closet. So if you have a child, elderly relative or someone that lives in your home that might need to be added to their database. Please contact the non-emergency number they will send you the form. That would go with allergies too I'm sure! My child has a latex sensitivity.
    It was explained to me that when the fire department arrives in front of your home they pull up the database to check for any information.
    Kelly Fraasch

  5. Thanks for all the great tips Kelly!!! This is so helpful!

  6. Does anyone know, are all these services from the Fire Department free?

  7. Yes, I believe they are all free services.


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