Thursday, January 7, 2010

Copy Cat?

An anonymous (therefore, unpublished) commenter sent me a note this evening suggesting I was copying Blog-Lebo for writing a list of my favorite things in town since Mike Madison used to do the same.  Well, I had no idea Mike had ever done this but truth be told, top ten lists on any topic are not a novel idea and I have written many of them over the past fifteen years as a professional writer/journalist.  The same commenter also called me out for writing about the Lebo hockey team.  Again, I hardly took my cue from Blog-Lebo -- my son has been playing hockey for two years and we are rabid hockey fans in our household!  And really, shouldn't we all be singing the praises of our local sports teams, especially when they're having a good season?  No one should have the franchise on that.

Lastly, the aforementioned commenter said our placing the EFF logo on Real Lebo was the icing on the cake in our copy cat ways.  Well, folks, it was Mike Madison himself who suggested I put the EFF logo on our site in the hopes the locals would play nice.  Thanks, Mike, for being a friend and supporter of Real Lebo.  There's plenty of room in our town for more than one blog.  (FWIW, the EFF logo would've made its way to our site anyway since my husband is a founding member of that organization.)

C'mon, folks, be like Mike:  play nice.  As for me, I'm off to watch the Pens meet (beat?!) the Flyers!


  1. C'mon folks. This is all a bit silly to me. To accuse us of being "copycats" is a bit childish, no? Let me be very clear - Elaine nor I have any intention to "copy" or emulate BlogLebo in any way...that's why we started our own - we could have easily just posted to BlogLebo, but we feel a blog with our own voice is more appropriate. If we happen to have similar subject matter at times, I would chalk it up to Lebo being a small town...this isn't exactly a big metropolis, folks - which, of course, only adds to its charm. To the copycat accuser - perhaps a new hobby might help your frustrations....

  2. Best of luck, RealLebo! The more the merrier. And the more the better.

  3. I agree. Copy that's just nit-picking. I've been reading up on the Blog Lebo/ RealLebo Blog comments and from what I can tell you've ruffled some feathers. I say keep on ruffling.

  4. I welcome your new blog. I have read bloglebo and found most of the commenters to be male and have a male perspective. I welcome the female perspective on Lebo events.

  5. Add site meter or a similar widget to the blog and you can id many of the anonymous folks. Plus its fun to see how many and from how far away your viewers/readers are coming from.

    Copy catting based on a "favorite part of town" feature on a community oriented blog is a stretch. Being accused of copy catting on pasting a blogger rights group icon is downright silly.

    Marjie Crist

  6. I've been using Google Analytics for a while now to see the exact things that Marjie is talking about. You might want to consider adding it. Here's a link on how to do it:

  7. I love your blog and think you are doing a FANTASTIC job! I love reading and learning new things about this wonderful little town!

    Dana Tecza


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